Ceramic membranes for Oxygen Generation

In Kerionics we develop and commercialize highly energy-efficient and compact designs of industrial membrane modules for oxygen production.

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The market of the industrial gases sector is one of the most energy-intensive sectors and it is very exposed to changes in CO2 emissions economy policies.

For instance, Oxygen and Nitrogen are among the sub-sectors most impacted by indirect Emissions Trading System ETS-related costs relative to Gross Value Added (GVA), respectively estimated at 58% and 59%.


The supply of oxygen in industries that consume great quantity of oxygen is realized by means of plants of cryogenic distillation or plants of generation by adsorption (VPSA) located together with the facilities of production, or by means of warehouses of liquefied oxygen that are recharged from time to time by means of tanks. The generation of oxygen for cryogenic distillation and VPSA needs an important electrical consumption, which means high costs. On the other hand, the supply by means of tanks is expensive. These technologies need to adapt the oxygen to the plant operating conditions, like pressure and temperatures. In addition, it is necessary to add the cost relative to the cooling of the gases generated in the process of production.


The comercial portable devices for oxygen generation need of bottles or containers that in occasions cannot delivery or there are not easily availables, and  also have some associated risks with the use and storage of the same ones.


The current systems of generation of oxygen VPSA and the liquid oxygen offer a quality of 80-95 %.

… and we have created a solution 

Propietary tecnology and patented

… with superior performance and advantages .

The modules of ceramic membranes commercialized by Kerionics supply oxygen to a lower cost, major efficiency and profitability.

Greater overall energy efficiency

Use of waste or residual heat in the oxygen production.

On-site Production

Autonomy & Self-consumption in the industrial plant, without generation or external storage, without pipeline transport.


Ultra-Pure Oxygen

Higher product quality. Suppresion NOx emissions.


Fuel economy

More efficient combustion by the enrichment with O2


Capture of CO2

The oxy-fuel process with Kerionics’s membranes is the most efficient technology for CO2 capture

Portable devices ” Plug ‘n’ Play ” (PnP)

Kerionics offers a solution for the (portable) generation of oxygen on a small scale and / or in restricted environments (eg. replacing the use of gas cylinder bundles / large bottles or allowing the use of O2 where now it is not possible), by means of devices ” Plug ‘n’ Play ” (PnP) with modules with capacity of 2-8 m3/h. (100Tn/year)

A turn-key device for industrial client

With several modules of membranes ready to work and integrated in the plant of the client, with a size designed to clients production needs. Our service includes the engineering necessary for the design, integration, assembly and maintenance of the modules.

imagen a turn key device for industrial client

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Our products are designed for all industries

The type of clients of  KERIONICS’s turn- key devices are:

Intensive Industries in consumption of oxygen that want to reduce the expenses destined for the generation and / or supply of oxygen (companies of manufacture of

Ceramic Frits, Glazes and Colour Industry, companies of Glass making, Metallurgy and Steel Industry, Refining and Petrochemistry refineries of oil and gas).

Industries that need to reduce its pollutant emission, to increase the efficiency of its combustion and to reduce the consumption of fuel or to use alternative fuels, but that for economic motives they could not have used up to the moment (steel industry , the Cement and Incinerators, Ceramic industry, Gasification Technologies, and Power Plants for CCS.

The type of clients of  KERIONICS’s PLUG’n’PLAY PnP devices are:

any process that requires pure delocated oxygen source like soldering, brazing, or medical purposes(Treatment Artificial Respiration).


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